The First Step...

We arrange a site visit for a time and date convenient for you. Weekends and evenings included, to save you taking a few hours off work. We aim to work around you. At this visit, we will discuss what sort of thing you are looking for.

The Second Step...

We will draw your new kitchen on our specialist software, and get an estimate together for you based on the design. We will then invite you in to have a look at said design, change things if you wish, and then re-estimate if needed.

The Third Step...

You decide whether you would like Welshpool Kitchen Company to fulfil your new kitchen! This is the time handles are chosen, appliances are looked through to make sure you're happy with everything etc.

What if I go ahead?

Well firstly, thank you for choosing WKC! We require a 50% deposit to secure your date, if we are fitting the kitchen. (70% if supply only).

Doors and Units are made specifically for your kitchen, therefore we ask that you allow 4-5 weeks to get all materials, appliances etc, in. Once all is ordered, we will confirm a date.

What if I don't go ahead?

Well, that would be a shame but we understand that the market is big so don't worry :) If you could let us know so we don't have to ring you in 2 months time begging for a reason, that would be great - we don't bite, honestly!


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